We work with banks, libraries, school districts, web designers, retirement communities, and many others to provide internet and data solutions with networks that provide reliability above industry standards. We offer the strength of a national provider, combined with the service of a neighborhood business at a price that’s affordable.

We provide:

  • Superior Customer Service
  • Maximum uptime
  • Service level agreements
  • 24×7 Support
  • High bandwidth availability
  • Superior Reliability
  • Lower Costs

Value added services:

  • Bandwidth monitoring and reporting
  • Port filtering
  • Router interface monitoring
  • Outage notification
  • Primary/Secondary DNS
  • Domain name resolver service
  • Loaner equipment availability

Consulting Services:

  • Network Design & Installation
  • Evaluation of existing networks

Capabilities & Utilities

NT&D utilizes BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol) to provide fault tolerance and load balancing on its internet transit circuits. Can also use BGP4 to exchange routing information with customers who are multi-homed using their own Autonomous System Number.

NT&D can provide use of IP (internet protocol) Blocks, Primary and/or Secondary Authoritative Name Service, Domain Name resolver, Monitoring and reporting bandwidth utilization, Router interface monitoring and outage reporting.

NT&D peers with KanREN.

Superior Customer Service

NT&D’s commitment to our customers is based on relationships. We listen, understand your needs, and respond quickly as those needs change. Our success is dependent on customer satisfaction.

All NT&D staff members live and work in the Greater Wichita Area, provide internet throughout central and eastern Kansas, and out of state for Kansas based customers. NT&D provides 24×7 support to all dedicated customers via E-mail, telephone, or site visit depending on the nature of the situation and the specific needs of the customer. Customers are able to contact staff members outside of business hours via cell phone.

Because NT&D focuses on a smaller number of customers, you enjoy individual customer support. As experts in broadband access, NT&D is capable of handling your requests with rapid trouble resolution and provisioning.

Unprecedented Value

NT&D’s network leverages the cost efficiencies of a scalable IP architecture and combines that with a low-overhead operation. The result is cost savings that are passed through to the customer. Customers also have access to Web-based tools that allow you to verify usage and availability any time of the day. Our commitment to engineering and delivering end-to-end access and managed connectivity services means we’re able to accommodate our customers’ business needs and meet their requested provisioning dates.